Social Media Monopoly Seminar Presented By ……..? – followed by a seminar from Shaun Hides – Breaking Down Heavy Theory Seminars

Below are a selection of my notes that I gathered from the first Lecture : –

  • What tactics should be in play to re-open media? – Stopping/refusing to use social media does not go down well, as relatively few people will actually disconnect and refuse to speak via these online platforms.
  • Many events in todays society find significance through social media.
  • Less free speech.
  • Good is often defined as more > more technology > more growth> more communication.
  • “Use mind power to rid irritating noise pollution, sleep better and achieve a meditative tranquil state with natural white noise” – Jodie Dean.
  • Silence delirium lies > sonic solidarity = a critical response to media.
  • One of the problems with social media is its network effect.
  • social media > the users are invited to ignore the technological smoke screen, behind the online communication.
  • A systematic distorted view – is the code behind the social media sites.
  • Silence has long been a resource for many activists – should the users of online social media platforms utilise this !!?
  • This link shows an example of how Silence can be utilised – 
  • Silence was never absolute & never nothing, have one, have to have the other.
  • Silence can become a container for things.
  • Voice is disabled – without silence there is no noise.
  • We may tell the truth best by becoming lies – metaphorical languages > disambiguation.
  • Computer coding – networking systems do not see a metaphorical apple – they see it as an empty form of code.
  • Coding/online networking  makes a plan for reality.
  • The notion of Glossolalia is more to do with the voice. Makes a connection to language – yet it is not language.
  • “GLOSSOLALIA  ‘already exists and pushes up through the cracks of ordinary conversation: bodily noises, quotations of delinquent sounds, and order of sentences with breaks and surprises’. De Cereau, 29”.

Two ppl exchanging data …… – Shaun Hides breaking down heavy theory seminars > revealing the messages underneath the heavy theory film with which the initial seminar was delivered.

  • What ever u say etc can be taken by the company who own the online plat form !
  • Sell data about the managed personal data pattern, they want ppl to say more and more and more.
  • Might be problematic – she smuggled it into the talk the pressure is on to produce more and more.
  • If u are not saying things then u ve got no data to sell, be seen
  • Like watching commercial tv all day – advert breaks.
  • What can we do about it ? If we don’t talk to anyone, there is an injunction now.
  • Critical engagement with the ‘More’ out of the social platforms.
  • To the computer it is just a pattern of pixels – the APPLE disrupt the outline of the apple,
  • A critical perspective of it , so we say more in a careful and thoughtful way, quality and quantity!
  • Twitter – write nothing space space space – post / writing nothin, no data. – SILENCE
  • The problem of communicating – stop talking u have to publish, need to sell books. CRITICAL PERSPECTIVE !! – stop and think if it is actually right.
  • Conversation – naturalising interface – code – interface – interface – conversation

Over all I have learned ALOT from these two seminars. Truthfully I came away from the first one completely disheveled and not sure what messages were actually meant to have been taken away from the talk. However after Shaun’s explanation It became clear that online social media platforms are far more complex and utilised than I first thought. Little did I know about how the companies that own these platforms sell individuals managed personal data pattern to other companies so that these other companies can look over these vast amounts of data trails, to produce more sophisticated ways of ‘trapping’  people online with advertisements and other ploys to sell there products, youtube is a fine example with the advertisements that are becoming more and more prominent before actually viewing the youtube video that you wanted to. 

With regards to how this has effected my plans for my symposium talk/presentation, it has indefinitely identified that I need to keep enduring the ANALYTICAL CIRCUIT, thus a continiouse loop of RE-ARTICULATION of my work for this symposium project. – A GREAT AMOUNT OF FOOD FOR THOUGHT !! 


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