Creative Workshop 4 – “Spoken Narrative” – The Words

A Personal Story 

Back in 2010 when I was 18, around April time my mother was admitted to hospital, it was around the time where I had all of my A-Level course work that needed to be handed in, along with the preparation for my 3 art based exams, consisting of Photography,  fine art and ceramics which is pottery making. They all expanded over several weeks due to the time allowance that I had, not only this but I had a great deal of revision that needed to be done for my 8 biology exams, as I had a few retakes too.

 My mum’s rare decease called betchits which roughly 100 people or so have been diagnosed to have in the uk  has partly caused the issues with her back and the need for her to have an operation on her back. It is also the contributing illnesses that my mum has such as diabetes (type 1), arthritis, and an non existing immune system, all of which have had there role in the erosion and inflammation of her joints, in particular her spine, and the spine disc’s which hold the bones together.

The operation that she had meant that she had several metal rods inserted into the membrane that surrounded her spine, top help support the corroding spinal bones and then 8 plates that slotted into the rods to further support her worn down spinal discs that aid the twisting movement. Over all this aided the joints and stopped them from wearing down as rapidly as they were, and also reduced the amount of inflammation within the joints themselves from the betchits.

Over the two and a half months that this operation was done at Hammersmith hospital in London, me and my father were looking after the two horses that we owned at the time and the cats, whilst I was still going o school and my father to work. It unbelievable how we got through this difficult time between the two of us, but we did as difficult as it was. It was made even harder to go and visit her because we lived an hour and a half away from London and I also had school on Saturdays.

I guess the worst part of these two and a half months was seeing my mother return from a 4 hour operation, and her waking up screaming, crying and paralysed, she couldn’t move for some reason the operation had caused her to momentarily become paralysed. Both me and my father could not do anything for her, we could not help or get in the way only stand and watch as she cried with pain and the terror of not being able to move what so ever. However the hardest part the whole of this story was desperately trying to hold back the tears and general anguish I was feeling by witnessing my mother in so much pain and unable to even move herself. The strength that I had to hold within me was undeniably the most uncomfortable experience I have ever felt, I had to hold a strong persona for the whole family, as my brother was In Oxford at university and did not realise just how tender the situation was and my father was doing his best to hold everything together although it didn’t help that he was terrified of the horses !

All though my mother is back up and walking now, and enjoying her horsy hobby Part of me still worries about what could have happened, and what could still happen to her with regards to her health. Personally I feel that living through this difficult period of my life and still managing to hold everything at that time together  has really shaped me into the human that I have become. Needless to say I will never be able to forget that horrific moment when I thought that my mother would never be able to walk again.



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