Lisa Pott – Story telling of a tragedy !

After listening to Lisa Pott’s truly moving story about the attack  on her school and the children back in 1996. The way that she tells her story really draws the listeners in, she layers up the story (through speech) to create this deeply meaningful story.

How much Is your injury worth? – the BBc’s news story.


This technique of layering as much meaning and telling the story with as much information as she could remember into the story helps the listeners to build up a depiction of the story in there own minds of what the situation was like.

Lisa Pott’s talk about her story here

It is these techniques that help listeners/viewers to help build there own response to media that they are being shown or told about, and this is what I am going to endeavour to recreate with my own work.

A wise person once told me the Key is to captivate, contextualise, curate, creating a conversational starting point.

A Link to an online Newspaper article about this story.



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