Erotic Photography on Pinterest

Whilst doing some online research for my symposium, I came across this website called Pinterest, I still don’t quite understand what it does but from what I can understand other people post up images relating to the topic of work or photography that the main person (in this case Jean Poirier) gathers together in this body of images.  – I have yet to learn more.

I have made contact with Jean through Facebook to get  a broader perspective on how this online platform works and what she want to achieve by doing it.

Below Is a screen shot of what the website looks like and some of the images that are displayed on it.


Interestingly after looking through the website and the images that can be found on it, theres this realisation that through all of the photographs theres this underlining erotic element to them, the majority of the frames hold this well composed thought out element that can often be seen readily In more traditional image making, and with frames that hold a stronger element of hidden erotica. I guess what I am trying to point out Is that in todays society these types of works are no longer seen as a taboo subject to be capturing in comparison to the more traditional erotic photography, further more the whole composition of the images and the way in which they are so deeply thought out signals to me that artistic photography and erotic photography are continuously edging closer over time.

Bellow is a link to the Pinterest website.

Erotic Photography on Pinterest


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