Response to a Lecture from Benjamin Chesterton



Although this was a lecture for last years phonar class I decided to listen to it after reading about it.

Over all I found the lecture very interesting and inspirational. I always used to hold the opinion that traditional photography alongside digital photography defined the main capsule for what it means to be a photographer. Although after being at university for 2 years now, going into my third and final year, this has belief  inevitably changed and morphed it’s self into many different medias. Through this talk however I have truly been assured that image making in todays society has well and truly evolved into something of a meteorite of media mash up.

From the audio of the lecture I have plucked many an interesting  snippet of information that Benjamin Chesterton delivered and here they are :-

– Photographers need to let themselves go as multi-media creators not just photographers.

– Possibility & opportunity are the key words that lead to a rich niche of work.

– people hate change – we need to drive through change !! – AND PHONAR 2012 – 2013 WILL DO !!!

– Everything we do as is total collaboration ! – Personally I feel that this is very true especially when I think about the work that I am looking to produce in the future.

– Everything is a tool, has a function and works differently.

– The still image is less passive than a moving image.

Although all of the above points really grabbed my attention and made me think more about what I would like to get out of my work, It was the understand and questioning with regards to the differences between the moving image (film/video) and the still image (photography) which was the cherry on top of the cake for  me. Here It is bellow.

The moving image has more context. Where as the still image, you as a viewer have to explore it……. the more we learn the more we begin to create the story…… the story of our relationship and understanding with the image. 

This sums up the difference between video and photography, yet put together, well…………….. the possibilities are endless!!

Bellow Is the documentary Benjamin produced, working with photographer Dalia Khamissy to tell the story of the thousands of people kidnapped during the Lebanese civil war.

Open Eye: Lebanon’s missing


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  1. Glad you enjoyed the talk and thanks for your worrds here Amber


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