Many Books Containing MANY Essays !

After going to William Klein’s Exhibition in London last week, I brought this book, which is composed of many of the images that were on display in the exhibition. A collection of the images slot in really well with my main symposium idea, and I shall be using them as a reference back to one of my key concepts surrounding the power relationships within image making.

After reading through MANY google scholar articles, journals and essays I settled upon one book in particular (above) which truly grabbed my attention with its ballsy approach to conversational, cross questioning essays that don’t answer the main question surrounding pornographic imagery/art V’s artistic photography /art and WHAT specifically defines the two from each other. Yet it does unearth just how close both types of creativity actually are!

Further more after gradually reading the book It is becoming even clearer that It Is the act of power relationships which define the differences between pornographic imagery and artistic photography.

Above’s book Is made up of photographer Juergen Teller who’s works portray essences of sexual references, linked to a deeper meaning. I have yet to read this book in-depth but I do feel that It has  a role to play within my symposium. I also intending to get in touch with the photographer to set up an interview with him.

The set of 3 small photo journals above also link in with the previous larger book above.

Frigga Haug’s book titled – Female Sexualization (below) was the first essay based book that i brought for the symposium. As with the Art/Porn essay book I also came across this book via google scholar, after getting hooked on an article that i read which goes into great depth about how the female form is regularly, and easily portrayed in a highly sexualised way through many artistic medias, photography being one of them. I have already extracted sections of these essays from the book that I feel go some way to kick starting my symposium research.


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