William Klein exhibition notes – Tate Modern on the 12/10/11






William Klein exhibition notes

First film – broad way by light !

His use of music and bright lights exude the hectic narrative of Americas culture. The continuos flashing of advertising lights gives the film almost an alien vibe, creating a great deal of hyper tension within the moving imagery, along with the pared music the sensory piece draws you into the film. It reminds me of the film I Am Legend where New York is left empty due to a human virus which turns the city into a ghost town.

Street photography – contains power relationships too !

All black and white imagery ….. Why is this?

A lot of his works have an eerie, disturbing quality.

Even the lay out of the exhibition eludes a chaotic nature, images jumbled together creating massive sets of 21 pics. No spaces/ gaps in between them either and many different sizes.

Mostly silver prints along with Abstract art works moulded from the base works of his photographic imagery.

Light traces too can be viewed within several of his multimedia works.

Don’t particularly understand his second film – montage sonore MUST READ MORE ABOUT THIS !!!

Upon viewing his works I am definitely feeling that this re-worked contact sheets (the bright colourful ones that he used paint on) are not too dissimilar to artist Andy Warhol’s pop art !

It is also very evident that Klein has an On going fascination with mixing up media.

Produced Polaroids, which when all put together creates a panoramic view point from which Klein views the world around him. Very similar to farmhouse artist ! Does the same thing.

Image of solitude (homeless/wild dog), disengaged from society living on the streets, object, wild and even threatening , Klein reworked the image a lot, making it almost come to embody his own restless creativity.

After viewing the exhibition I watched an interview that Klein had with the Tate Modern where he spoke about his favourite quote from Robert Capa, which has embedded its self within Klein as a person and a photographer,”If you’re photograph is not good enough it’s because you’re not close enough!”. – Tate modern film/ interview with Klein.

Over all I thoroughly enjoyed viewing Klein’s works from an outsiders perspective as I had never Hurd of his imagery until viewing this exhibition. I also feel that his works have enhanced my understanding of power relationships within photography as a media, both from the photographers perspective and the audience viewing the photographic works, and this has aided me to get a step closer with my final year symposium.





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