Rethink, React, Respond Module Evaluation

At the start of this module I was very sceptical about It, how the collaboration between new people would go and If they would bring new, interestingly dynamic skills to the group and the over all work that we would all produce together. I can safely say that I personally feel that the collaboration within out small group of six students worked really well, we all participated with the completion of the project, thus bringing new professional skills to all of us involved.

Regarding the project brief about the Olympics I did feel rather deflated when It was revealed to us as yet again we were being taken to the same city to do a not so dissimilar kind of project that we were all regularly used to completing on normal university field trips. After several of the third years talking about how they went to Sherwood Forest, Liverpool and Brighton In pervious years It was a great deflation when the location and brief were explained.

However I did take an upside to completing this project, as I feel like I have had my eyes re – opened to the pros and cons surrounding the Olympics, many of which will become apparent through watching the video presentation. These positive and negative takes on the Olympics are so slight that many of the uk’s peoples probably do not even realise or have even given a thought to the negative issues that the Olympics have produced simply by us the United Kingdom hosting them. It Is this negative side to the games which really has interested me the most through out this project because the underlining use of proper-gander and merchandise EVERYWHERE through out the UK and possibly abroad Is what shocked me the most.

Finally I would like to express my shock, amazement and simple un-amusement about sitting through the conference at the end of the field trip day. I found It hard to believe what the guest talkers where even stating or trying to get us the viewers to understand. I found myself switching off after the first 20 or so minutes as I just do not believe In the same beliefs that many if not most of the people In the conference room did. Although parts of It were interesting and did raise question In my own beliefs particuallry those regarding the legal system In this country and the possible corruption of the british police, In terms or racial discrimination and bringing any type of criminals to justice, I personally still have faith In them and found the conference to further back up my beliefs.  However through all this I still cannot fault the sheer strength of personality, power and dignity that John Carlos projected through out his speech.


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