Day 20 – Milstead Parish Project Continued

After editing the previous Images from last year I decided to borrow my friends horse again and go and re shoot familiar Images to the previous ones, however they turned out completely different due to the weather and the filed In last years photographs being dug up. However I still managed to capture some images that are far more composed than the others, I think particularly with the first three images below this Is depicted within them very well.



Although I have edited these Images and altered the contrast & saturation of them again (just like before), I decided to make the images slightly more darker, to give them a more erie vibe thus producing this trio set of photographs that work really well together In a set. I am very pleased with this set, and I think It shows the darker side to the countryside, with the misty solitudes that so regularly grasp the land.

In the afternoon I decided to visit Rochester and photograph underneath the M2 bridge. Although this Is outside of milstead, I wanted to incorporate some images into the project that show the man made world living alongside waterside countryside. If Im brutally honest I wanted to depict the beauty of placing man made essential structures  alongside the simplistic beauty of the natural world, to show just how versatile the countryside Is. Although I know that I am going off on a tangent, I am still going to incorporate these photographs Into my collection of images for this project because I would like to see how the Milstead Parish Committee react to these images and possibly broaden the project.










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