Day 5 Continued – Second Photo Shoot With Matt Newman

Out of all of the three other shoots that I have done so far with the Hereward students this shoot was the hardest, not because of the equipment or getting the lighting right or even thinking about the composition, but because Matt really did not want to be photographed, he was uneasy about being in front of the lens. I found It very hard to interact with him and actually get him open up more about his feelings regarding the issues that he has with crowds of people. I think It was made even more difficult with his strong attitude towards being made to do something. However after talking to him about all of the equipment In the studio, explaining what all the many buttons do and the composition of the image etc, he started to relax a little bit and I did manage to get some images that were ok to use with some editing.

Although I found this shoot challenging, I did enjoy the teaching aspect that I began to use to calm Matt down, I did find It nerve racking trying to calm him down and reduce the amount of anxiety that Matt had about being photographed, If im truthful I think the hardest part was not being able to fully understand what was actually worrying Matt so much and It was my lack of knowledge and experience that made the process even slower.

Below are some of the images from this shoot.


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