Day 19 – Milstead Parish Committee Project Continued

After editing the initial photos that I captured of the rolling countryside the previous day, I decide to also edit the images that I captured whilst riding my friends horse, as I find the added concept of the horse within the frame enhanced the over all composition of the images, giving them a quirky, country feel. With the editing of these Images not only have I enhanced the saturation and increased the contrast of the frames but I have cropped the images down so that only parts of the horse can be seen within the frame.

Personally I feel that these photographs really captivate the viewer and draws them in to look at the image In more depth. I really do think that having aspects of the horse that I was riding (at the time) In the foreground of the frame really gives the images a stronger composition, thus enhancing the visually charismatic characteristics of the photograph. Below are a selection of images that  I am going to show to everyone involved In the project at the next meeting.


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