Day 17 – Milstead Parish Committee Project continued

After photographing the sheep field I decided that I needed to keep capturing the countryside that I live around. So In the morning I decided to grab my walking shoes, pack my camera gear and get to stepping. Below are just a few of the images that I captured along the way !

In the afternoon I then went to a meeting with the Milstead Parish Committee about this project and what type of images that they would like to see within the booklet. Images such as lambs playing In an ever green country field, to a bright white blanket of freshly fallen snow covering a mysterious windy path running through the woods.

There was discussion regarding further meetings to see how the images are coming along, and another three meetings are planned throughout the summer months when I will be back home, and working on the project. One of the meetings In early July will also be joined by several Kent based magazines and newspaper representatives to show them my best images so far for this project. Further more at the meeting a book publisher will be joining us to see If the project can be taken into a book format, and thus become an even stronger project.

Below are a few more images that I captured In the early evening after the meeting.














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