Day 16 – Milstead Parish Committee Project

Over this Easter 2012 I was offered by my local village’s parish commity a photography projrect, to produce a years worth of images displaying the villages local countryside to go into an Easter 2013 booklet that Is to hopefully be distributed across Kent with the hope of gaining a greater interest In our small rural village and the countryside that surrounds It. The only flaw In this project Is that I would not be payed for my time or photography skills, however In my opinion as a young photographer and an unknown one, I thought that this would be too good an opportunity to miss, and now It Is my own personal on going project.

I decided to take the project for two reasons, one It gets my name publicised, and two It’s not only one book  or a small article, Its a small booklet about my village (milstead) and It Is going to be published across a whole county.

I started the project the moment I was told that It was mine, being a keen country girl from an early age I knew just the place to start the project off with. I went to one of the many sheep fields around Milstead that have some very old oaks In and began the project. A few of the images are below.


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