Day 15 – Dalmatians Project

This project came to me through producing another body of work for a lady who needed a show (horse show) photographer last year. Whilst I was working at the show, photographing stunningly immaculate show horses and their owner I was approached by a lady who was competing at the show and asked If I would be able to produce a nice set of images of her two Dalmatians so that she has some non ‘family’ shots of the dogs to remember them by. She was wiling to pay be a one off sum of £50 for my services and would spread the word about my work.

Obviously I jumped at the chance to take on a new challenge, I met up with the Sharon when she was taking her two Dalmatians for a walk, and so the project began. It was instantly far more challenging than I thought It would be, the eldest dog was blind and deff, so I soon ended up shooting every snap of the dogs that I could, which looked intreating and captured their natural ways whilst out on a walk.

Although these works are not my finest I do feel that I have learned an awful lot from this project, such as being patient when trying to photograph animals, and most importantly setting my camera to a super fast shutter speed so that for that split seconds that the animal holds a certain pose naturally the camera could capture it !

After shooting In the morning I spent the rest of the afternoon editing the images.

Below is a slide show of just a selection of the images that I captured for this project.


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