Day 14 – Opening Night of The Picbod ‘Basement’ Night

After getting everyones works up on the wall the previous day, and having left the place clean and tidy the night before there was not much more to be done In the morning of the opening night, other than re lighting new joss sticks to keep the place smelling better than It did do, and another quick clean up.

I was sent to buy all of the alcohol and some nibbles etc, I brought four boxes of red wine and four boxes of white. I also brought two boxes of carling and some soft drinks. This was then set up in the afternoon on a table at the back of large room In the basement.

Below is a link to the Picbod thought book –

During In the evening everyone Involved In the exhibition were helping out with talking about the works, inviting guests In at the front table by the entrance to basement and pouring drinks for people. I spent most of my time helping out behind the drinks table, as i knew exactly how we were operating the drinks, people would be given a raffle ticket upon entering the basement and then when they came to me at the drinks table they would give me their raffle ticket In exchange for a drink of their choice. Although this worked well, being that none of us anticipated as many people as we did to come to the opening night the drinks and nibbles were gone very quickly and a few of us had to put some extra money In to go and buy some more.

I think the best part of the exhibition was the projection onto a white sheet inside a small hole In the basement, at the entrance, where people were greeted. The projection was of the online versions of peoples work who followed the picbod class online and took part In the weekly tasks, lectures and recored skype interviews, for me this was what made this exhibition much stronger and visually dynamic.

Below is a link to the Picbod video, that Dicken Richards created through out the exhibition.

Over all I think that the night went really well and the days after the opening night still saw many people come to have a look around. Personally I don’t think this exhibition could have run any smoother than It did do. The response from tutors, lecturers, parents and fellow friends truly reflected how well the exhibition went. For out first exhibition that we have put together by ourselves I am proud of what we achieved.

Below Is a slide show of images from the opening night.


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