Day 13 – Erecting the Picbod Exhibition

The third day that we spend In the basement was basically sorting out where people want to put their work Sean Carroll (the curator) had over all say where everyones work should be, everyone had their own say but most of us were very happy with where our sections were within the basement. I felt that my pieces worked very well In the small corridor door way to the string of larger rooms, as It gave the work a stronger over all intimate feel, not to mention made people actually stop and look through my box of images along with the three stings of pegged photographs.

The major problem that we all faced whilst trying to arrange our images into the way that we wanted them to be displayed was that nothing really held the photos well onto the wall, as the walls of the basement were very dusty, and most of them had peeling paint that led to some works falling off the wall. Only a few of the framed photographs could actually be drilled into place on the walls as the building and more importantly the basement walls were a heritage site because of the unique graffiti which was created by the music band, ‘The Specials’. Many of us ended up using string to hang the images off of of to peg them like I did, I also loved the added aspect of pegging very personal, intimate photography onto what looked like a miniature string washing line.

Below Is a picture of my father holding my hand made book, and my intimate photo box, on the opening night.

After all of the work was up on the walls, we then all had to think about the lighting within the basement as some peoples works could not be viewed as well as others purely because the lighting was not evenly distributed, thus a lot of re wiring In terms of moving different extension cables around, was going on for most of the afternoon.

The final thing for the day was a clean up, which again required me to hunt down the same deals that I found for the initial bout of cleaning products that I brought. The clean up lasted for a further two and a half hours roughly, but with a final look around the basement the exhibition space was really coming together, there were just a few last bits and pieces to complete before the opening night.

Below Is a picture of my mother holding my hand made book, underneath my large format hand portrait.



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