Day 11- 12 – Cleaning out the Artspace Basement

At the end of March I (with my fellow course mates) completed one of out modules titled Picbod, which was an online learning module, It introduced us to many new professional people within the photographic world, whilst enhancing and pushing our photographic skills. Picbod was all bout picturing the human body, It Is a broad plat form, from which many of us ventured down different routes and journeys with our photographic media finalising In various diverse forms of work.

Before we had even handed In our final pieces for this module their were conversations cropping up throughout the class about the prospects of collaborating our very own (out of university) Picbod exhibition. After researching the artspace basement as a possible venue, we all decide to give the exhibition the go and so the hard process of gutting the basement (taking out the old rubbish that was In It out) began.

Firstly we all helped to clear the space of any rubbish and unused artist stands, and then the major chore of consistent sweeping and mopping began, as there was a lot of muddy water and dust that had just collected within the basement over time. My key task was to source the cheapest cleaning products (preferably the ones In deals) to keep the over all cost of the exhibition low. Not only this but I helped to source cheap lighting alternatives as what little lighting that we had In the basement was fairly poor.

On the second day of cleaning It was more about attention to detail such as cleaning a small bench for seating, arranging the outside area so that people could see where they were going and where the exits where. Again I was the key person for topping up any cleaning products that were running low so that the greatest amount of time was continuously being utilised. By the end of the second day the basement was really coming together their was a lot more light down their and every room was adequately lit, there was also NO damp patches or muddy water corners which was an achievement  In It’s self !!

Below Is a slide show of what the basement looked like before any cleaning.


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