Day 9-10 – Erecting the Exhabition at the Herbert Gallery

Whilst at the Herbert Gallery for the two days getting the exhibition space, clean and ready for the photos to go up on the wall, my role within the team along with Kye was to decide which space was best for what image, help mount the images onto the walls of the exhibition room, and I had to try and sort out Ashley’s images to get It to hang from a sting inside the glass bell jar.

The first day basically started with all of us, (me, Kye, mandy, Paul, Julie and the Herbert’s assigned gallery assistant Jack Shuttleworth) all collaborating about utilising the space that we had to work In, and then deciding which images should go where, followed by me and kye working out the spacing between the images and the sets of images that would work best for the Photographs In question. After this we then went about getting the photographs fixed onto the wall, we started with the framed images as these needed to get up off of the floor and secured on the wall to reduce the amount of dust and danger of them getting broken.

In the afternoon just me and Kye went on to meticulously measure out the spacing for Matt Jarvis’s football photos, Scott Griffiths ‘metaphors’ and also Adam Burd’s ‘ Anxiety’ images. We were then only left to sort out the work journals that the students had been writing their research and feelings into, and sort them into a readable, interesting arrangement to go into the glass box In the centre of the room.

Although It took a great deal of time and a whole two days to finally complete and feel happy with what we have completed the exhibition was ready and It did look very good. More importantly the Hereward students we’re very proud of their work which was truly lovely to see.

Below Is a slidshow of the exhibition erection.


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