Day 8 – Second Reflection day at Hereward Collage

For the second reflective day at the collage, we showed the students their final images again, but this time It was the single final image, they each had a printed out copy of their own images and from that they had to write up a short reflective statement about their photographs and what they want It to mean to the people viewing It, what message they want their Images to convey to the general public who do not know what It’s like to live with autism.

Isolated – Ashely

This picture that tells the story of me feeling lonely, itt hopefully tells people just because I have a disablity that my feelings are the same.


I am a nineteen year old with Aspergers syndrome. I am a qualified football referee for Essex and Birmingham FA. A lot of people would think that I could not do it because of my disability. I am a normal person like anyone else!!


I really don’t like metaphors. Some of them can be really confusing. When people say these metaphors I don’t understand them. So these are my metaphors photos.


I feel uncomfortable In crowded places. I feel worried, anxious when being in an unfamiliar place with loads of people.


I have moments when I play out with scenarios about a certain event in my head, this is before it happens. My anxiety can hinder my chances of doing things.


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