Day 6 – Reflection day at Hereward Collage

Having now completed four of my five shoots for this project, both myself, Kye, Mandy, Paul and Julie all decided to meet up at Hereward Collage for a reflection day so that all of us including the students could see what stage we were at with the project and more importantly to show the students the images. I decided to narrow down the amount of images that I would show them, and only show the best five or so from the shoot, so that they can then also be involved in the post production stage with the images, and to have a group discussion about the all of the images, get everyone involved with each others individual pieces within the project. Interestingly this actually worked quite well and the students responded to each others works with positive and negative feedback, thus aiding me and Kye with the editing of the images to specify what the students who’s images they were to be specified to how they particularly visualised it.

It was at this stage that a new Hereward student was introduced to the group and wanted to be involved In the project. Her name Is CharlotteShakespeare and she also has Autism, and after spending some time with her and talking through what type of imagery she would like to produce for this project It was clear that she really did nto want to be photographed and that she finds It very hard being the only Female In the group who has autism. Although this was Kye’s student to photograph, we decide that It would be best to produce something using photoshop that has a symbolic nature for Charlotte.

After showing the images to the students, we left them to get on with writing about this reflection session. Both me and Kye then had a meeting with Mandy, Paul and Julie about the sizes that they would like to print the images at, which ones they think would be better framed, and the general plan as to getting the images printed. There was a lot of conversation about getting the images printed at the university Printing Bureau, and upon final conclusion we all decided that this would be the best place to have the images printed as both me and Kye have had work printed here before and It Is a good quality printers that Is also cheeper than most standard printers. After some great deliberation we decided to have James, charlottes, Kierans, Mikes, Roberts and Matt Newmans images framed as this will give their images a professional look and protect them from getting damaged.


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