Day 4 – First Shoot with Scott

For this first shoot It was decided at the meeting that we would shoot In the studio using the studio lights and a white back drop,  so that It would be easier to edit the images after the shoot.

Whilst photographing Scott It was interesting seeing how he reacted to being photographed, as he became very proactive about the composition, and the type of lighting that he wanted for his image. It was good to see that although he did not understand all of the information I was teaching to him, he did pick up the basic concepts that I was explaining to him.

Over all  I feel that this first shoot went very well with Scott , I feel that the raw images that have been captured are very true to the subjects personalities and lives. In some ways I have been surprised by just how well he adapted to what he was being asked to think about, further more I find It amazingly insightful just how calm he was about the shoot, not to mention dealing with the issues that he finds hard In his life.


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