Day 3 – Brainstorming of ideas & Planning of the Project

At this meeting we brainstormed ideas with all of the pupils and also produced a Gant Chart to help us all manage the project and try to keep the project on schedule. Below are the notes for each student from the meeting about there own personal images for this project.

Rob – being treated like a child but having adult responsibilities – teddy bear / utiltiy bills, photographed in muted tones / NSPCC advert OR reading a newspaper in the middle of playing a game.

Adam – Anxiety, different poses of anxiety – photo booth/long strips.

Scott – Metaphors  – 1) Apple of my eye, 2) Pull your socks up, 3) Why the long face, 4) Pins and needles.

Ashely –  Lonely and isolation, picture of Ashley small lots of space around him and in a glass box/ smudges out face, situated in the gallery space arounda corner.

Matt Jarvis – Football ref, photograph him refing a match.

Matt New – Uncomfortable in crowds, image of matt in a large crowd, take picture of matt and the crowd separatly.

James –  Fear of being in the community, james dressed up as a hoody etc.

Kieran – Covered face with his arms , writting on his arms, confusing marks possibly.

Tom – in the cathedral ruins with history books.

Mike – Lego. Misunderstood, insecure and feeling like a social outcast




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