Day 2 – Tile Hill Costcutter Christmas Community Event 2011

I had the privilege of being one of the photographers to cover Tiles Hills Costcutter community event back in early December of last year. It was my first commercial job that I have taken on and photographed. I was asked by the owner of this particular Costcutter to take photos throughout the event for his personal benefit so that he could send some of the images off to newspaper and magazines so that his shop could be In an article, thus continuing  promoting the shop. I particularly had to focus on capturing the size of the event, the free food that was on offer, carol singers, santa and the visit from Lady Godiva.  I had to do this because all of the companies and people that were involved in the event had to be captured in a way that shows them giving something back to the community !

Although I captured alot of images, due to their being many children within the images I decided to not to use them because I didm’t want to put Costcutter into any compromising situations with the parents of the children and more importantly loose any customers by doing this, further more to this point as a studying photographer I did not want to find myself in any compromising situations. I decide to capture the images form an artistic, more relaxed vantage point, whilst trying to frame the joyful Christmas spirit that was flowing through the event.

Above : Santas sleigh wishing all a Merry Christmas. Below: Free soup to one and all !

Below : Lady Godiva & the local council worker, collecting for the Warwickshire Air Ambulance.

Above: Santa and his helpers. Below : A carol singers view.

In the post production stage of these images I was not allowed to edit them, as the costcutter boss that I was working for wanted the images to be raw, simplistic and to incorpirate ever aspect of the night, although I disagreed with this, I did leave the images In there captured format.


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