Day 1- Initial ‘social’ meeting with the Hereward Collage teachers and students

After spending a great deal of time corresponding with Mandy Ingram (a teacher at Hereward Collage) via email, we arranged a social meeting on Friday the 9th of December 2011 so that It would be a less formal meeting for the Hereward students thus allowing the students to relax more and allow us to meet them In a far more social manner which, also in my opinion made the students more at ease with talking about this projects and the research that they have already been doing. Not only this but It also allowed myself and fellow photographer Kye Tidman to talk to the teachers Mandy Ingram, Paul Oldfield and Julie Handley where are also involved In the production of this project, whilst looking after and teaching the students.

Bellow are students that were involved In the project.

Bellow Is an image of the print out of information I was given and that we talked about through out the meeting. The print was basically for both mine and Kye’s benefit as It helped us to understand more about the students, helping me to personally build a greater understand about the project and what the general task was that needed to be completed.

Bellow Is another print out that I have scanned Into the computer and incorporated into the post. On It I have written some notes about each of the students with more information that I feel Is relevant to the project and could In some way be incorporated into their own personal imagery that we are going to create to display what It Is like (from their personal life experiences) to live with Autism.


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