Picbod – Evaluation

When I began this module, I was really quite unsure about It, mainly because I found the weekly tasks that were being set challenging, however rewarding once completed. I also feel that I have gained a great deal of people skills along side my photography. I think the best part of the module was actually speaking / listening to other photographers, I found It incredibly insightful talking to them and listening to their journeys as photographers. I must admit that Jason Tilley has really inspired me and I have throughly enjoyed watching the process of him printing his final images from his grandfathers huge archive of negatives captured back In the history of India. I would also like to thank him for his help In the dark room with my own prints.


My final pieces consist of a hand made book, and a box.I decided to produce a hand made book, as I enjoyed making one (in class) and I feel that It adds another layer of intimacy onto the viewer as they look through the book, mainly because a book can only really be viewed by one person, to add to this I have also used small sets of ‘contact sheet’ sized imagery, as I feel that this really makes the viewer physically have to look at the images to understand what they are. Towards the back of the book I have experimented with placing images together to make up a humans body or at least aspects of the human body, producing a 2 dimensional montage of the human body. When I uses the images for the Picbod gallery (next week) I intend to hang the images, at various angles and heights to produce a almost 3D body out of all of the images.


The second final piece (the box), contains a combination of polaroids, medium format and digital work all relating to the human body. Some of the images that were used In my hand made book have been printed to a larger size. This final piece Is much more about sharing the Photographs, and It requires a visual and general communication with others as the images have to be handled to get them out of the box and then shuffled about to look at each individual frame. My main reason for leaving the images as simple print outs Is because I feel that they have been left raw, naked, almost stripped down to their bare essentials, which to me portrays exactly what the images consist of. Also I decided to place them In a box, after looking through Jason Tilley’s grandfathers old negatives and seeing how they had been placed In to these pouches, box’s and small baking paper slips, It gave me the impression that the negatives were cared for and loved to an extent. It’s that age old concept of placing personal artifacts into a box for safe keeping that appealed to me with the larger versions of my final piece and again the human interaction for me about images of a human body really intrigues me.


With the polaroids that I have incorporated into the box final piece, I have taken some of them In a way that makes them look very rough and out of focus I have also cracked a few of the images. I wanted to produce these effects because In my opinion they give the images a stronger visually interesting composition. Further more they contrast well when put together with the other final prints, resulting In the prints all together aiding a visually dynamic impact on the viewer.


Over all I have enjoyed this module and going through the process of developing my final prints/ pieces.




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10 responses to “Picbod – Evaluation

  1. I really like your work, i think that the black and white ones that you’ve cracked abit are the best in my eyes, i think you could do more of that and i think you would really have something if old is what your going for i think it gives them more character =D love choo xx

  2. hazelsteel

    Mate loving the way you’ve displayed your photographs, think its a really good idea to have lots of photographs where people actually have to pick them up and engage with them. I think its a really good idea how you’ve used lots of different formats of film and paper, it makes them really interesting and unique! love em mate 🙂

  3. hey amber. i really like the whole piece. i like the interactive idea and your justification of that. i would like to see some prints on the wall aswell but i dont think it overly need this. i would say that it would benefit from a title though. maybe get something sorted for the exhibition!

  4. To be honest I’m not too sure what to make of the box. It does make you interact but I think the number of photos that are there makes you lose what the meaning of the photos are. The photos I do like. I like the washed out look on the photos as it shows a history of the photos and progression. The bit about the scrap book I did like was that there were lots of pictures of the same person on each page. Each picture shows a different part of the body and becomes up to you to piece them all together to make one entire person.

  5. I like your idea of being able to touch your artifacts and have a good look at them, but whilst I was looking through your handmade book there were some images that were really good but they were so small so I would love to see some of them a bit larger. I understand your idea of making a 3D body image, I think that would be an amazing image or object at the end if you are able to complete it. Overall I think you have a very interesting project. Well Done 🙂

  6. Hi Amber – loads of wonderful ideas here! The cracked polaroids are bombastic, the dark room prints are lovely, keep going, keep going! I trust in your creativity enough to not bother suggesting anything. All I would suggest is doing more, building it all up, being more experimental. I remember you saying you enjoy making clothes well how great would it be to make clothes out of images, or images become clothes? Make sculptures out of images, like you already thought of. Human sculptures, sexual sculptures, intimacy sculptures. Very interesting stuff!

  7. I love the collaged effect of the images within the book, however i’m finding it difficult to understand how the people within the images relate to each other, other than them being nudes. it could be a study of skin or flesh, perhaps an appropriate title as then people interact with the images by using their own flesh/skin to handle and touch the images.
    very interesting and love the replication of photographic memories in a box.

  8. M. Mileva

    I ove your box with polaroids inside. Like the book as well, but think if you want to present them both, my opinion is, they should be separate a little; I’m getting little too lost around all that amount of work. However, I think both of them look great and have a lot to say. Like the idea of too artificial interruption with reality and audience. Also think you could develop the book more. Well done!

  9. I agree with Sean about prints on the wall..

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