Final Piece – Hand Made Book

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4 responses to “Final Piece – Hand Made Book

  1. The book works really well. I was planning to do the same, but a more scrapbook effect. If the book was done again, the quality could be much higher, but at the moment, i believe that effect of a slightly worn book works with the photos

  2. jack somerset

    make sure you have a way in to this work. lead the audience in and tell them why you have used these subjects and particular display. otherwise very intriging, I didn’t want to put your book down 🙂

  3. Amber,

    I really like you “interaction” style approach to your work. I think it is really interesting to have presented your work in more then one way. E.g The Book, The Box, Polariods, Prints.
    It gives a lot of work to engage with.

    I love your set of close up of the body, It reminds me of my own picbod stuff. I love the detail and it shows personal connection with the subject and you can see this in your work.

    Well Done 🙂

  4. i like the images and piece a whole, i think the main area to concentrate on is the presentation of the images making it easier to communicate the idea

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