Final Piece – Box



Filed under 2nd Year, PICBOD - Picturing The Body

2 responses to “Final Piece – Box

  1. I like the idea of presenting your work in a box and how you have to really get close to the pictures. Although there are a large number of pictures throughout the book and box all the picture reflect off eachother, my favourite pictures were the broken Polaroids as i feel these had the most character

  2. I love the idea of the box, having to open it and pick up the images. I wonder how many would last until the end! I imagine they’re the kind of thing someone might pocket. Using Polaroids as well, so each images is a one of a kind, once it’s done it hasn’t been changed. One thing I think though, is that the digital images in the box don’t fit in as well, because they’re not artifacts, they’re not one of a kinds. I think there is certain charm to the prints that the digital images take away.

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