The Human Wrinkle – Research

Bellow : Is a set of four Images capturing the lines/wrinkles that the human body can be screwed up into. I find that these Images hold a very strong textual approach due to the different lines that faces can produced when stretched, scrunched up. I found this work on  – . Bellow Is a direct quote from photographer Allyson Sanborn’s website which I have already added a link to.



above : A Wrinkle in Time. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (Photo and caption by Nikki Krecicki) I am completely In awe of Nikki Krecicki I love this image, It’s simplicity enhances the powerful composition of wrinkles, hair, skin, all leading to the main visually grasping point of the image the subjects eye with all of it’s detail. This image really has captivated me and inspired me towards the Photography that I would love to produce for this module !

I found this stunning photograph on this website –  It was the 9th winner In the National Geographic’s Photography Contest 2010.



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