Medium Format low light work – Mamiya RB67

Whilst photographing this shoot I focused many on producing images with this really soft intimate type of lighting, with my subject I wanted to frame snippets of the body, almost to the perimeters of creating photographs that hold an abstract composition of the human form.Although with many of these Images they are not outstandingly impressive when all together In a contact sheet, when paired up into diptychs or even as single images on their own, a simplistic quality comes through the frame.

Below Is the initial contact sheet of all of the images together.

Below Is one of the diptychs which I have printed up In a contact sheet form, In my opinion the left image leads the viewers gaze through It from left to right and on to the right hand image as the viewer visually follows the line of the subjects body. I am very pleased with both of these Images !

Below are my three favourite images that I have printed so far.



Filed under 2nd Year, PICBOD - Picturing The Body

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