Task 3 – “Nude and Naked”

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When I was Initially thinking about what I could do for this task and what to focus my frames on I decided to start off by photographing myself nude and in-front of the bathroom mirror. I decided to capture the images with the use of a mirror to create that frame within a frame composition and because In my opinion I have always found mirror an invasive product making, almost be It forcing the individual looking into the mirror to look more deeply at themselves, their imperfections,  and general appearance.  I found this task hard but I am pleased with this initial shoot.


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One response to “Task 3 – “Nude and Naked”

  1. M. Mileva

    I LOVE that picture https://ambernicholls.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/dsc01853-e1328709074738.jpg?w=460 !!!
    Love your hair, the dirty mirror, your reflection, the light, everything! Makes me dream as well as inspires me! Well done!

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