Medium Format Studio Work – Mamiya RB67

After producing my two nude and naked shoots, looking back over the work I realised just how standard they are and more importantly the lack of visual interest within the frames Is depicted through them In the form of their composition and lighting. So with all of this In mind I have decide to focus on two particular aspects of the human body as a form of photographic research for myself to help me lead through this module towards my final piece.

I used the Mamiya RB67 with a Ilford 400 black and white film. After realising that a few recaps of using the studio was greatly needed I used the studio venue to shoot hight key, (ideally) crisp frames.

I throughly enjoyed shooting In the studio and I found that shooting In small groups with fellow students was a great help as we learned off of each other and It made the whole process a greater learning experience and we all gave each other useful tips. Over all a good shoot with some interesting Images at the end, food for thought I think !






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One response to “Medium Format Studio Work – Mamiya RB67

  1. I like the second set of images, of the hands as they seem disjointed from the body, particularly the top centre image which to me, is quite plant-like in the way that the hands seem to grow from the ground. This set also reminds me of John Coplans’ work. I also love the rough edges & scratches that film gives to a set of images. Definitely do more of these! 🙂

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