Taks 1 – Photographing a Stranger and Invading their Personal Space

For the first picbod task of this module I have been challenged to approach a complete stranger and capture them initially as a straight portrait, however I have to then gradually invade there personal space   and gradually draw upon a personal story from them as an individual. I initially chose to arrange a shoot with one of the fresher men hockey members who I have not spoken to yet and do not know at all really. I must admit as a photographer I found this idea daunting as I felt like I was not in control fully with the personal choice of a model etc. Following on from this the realisation that the model himself was nervous and shy to the concept of being captured as a lone model in a shoot that was really for me to learn and understand how to invade subjects personal space but In such a way that they are comfortable and to capture final genuine images that portray the subject in the pre-visualised expected.

Below Is my first shoot for this task –

In a way i know that the images above are not great, but I feel that I have learned a lot about working with people particularly when photographing them as a single individual to at least ry my best to make them feel as comfortable as possible and at ease with me invading their space. I found It of particular interest that the subject appeared slightly more at ease with the shoot after being shown some of the frames being captured.

Below Is a small second shoot of a elderly stranger who I approached out of interest In his hat and I couldn’t resist to put to practise the invasion of his personal space (be It only shortly). Interestingly however he was much easier to talk to and for him to talk happily about his day and the story behind his hat in comparison to the lad In my first shoot for this task.

Below are the images.





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