Book Review – Elinor Carucci

When I first flicked through Carucci book titled, ‘Closer’ I was intrigued and slightly baffled by her still frames of herself and her close friends but mainly family. I find It oddly interesting that someone can be so open with their parents In terms of the everyday life that as human beings we live through with out even realising as these tasks and general events become so monotonous to us, I must add that this Is my opinion and although many people will disagree with this It Is my thought and opinion of the book.

I am In awe of how she frames such intimately delicate pictures of simplistic skin imprints from a pair of tights, a zip on a pair of trousers or even down to the great detail of hair follicles round a mouth. It’s these details that really grab my attention and bring me into this intimate photographic word that Is Elinor Carucci.

The final thought provoking point that I would like to write about, Is the continuous living narrative displayed throughout this book In the form of how close Carucci Is to her family this also links through to fellow photographers Larry Clark and Nan Golden who are also image makers In their own right but they all have the same background of being on the inside view, In terms of living with their subjects that they are capturing thus producing such moving, intimate frames.

Below Is an Image of the book It’ s self, A MUST READ IN MY OPINION !


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