Website Research

After spending a great deal of time online researching other photographers websites I have decided to split the five underwater photography websites from the more general photographers that I am still greatly interested by. Bellow are the five links to the intriguing more specific underwater photographers.

Stephen Frink –

David Doubilet –

Frazier Productions –

Jason Heller –

Mantarays Hawaii –

Photographers websites that are not underwater specific :-

Rankin –

Rory Campbell –

Perou –

Out of all of these photographers websites that I have come to the conclusion that the all round photographers (none under water photographers) websites are for more visually dynamic and they are easier to engage with as a viewer, mainly due to their simplistic yet effective use of links to there portfolio, bibliography and generally leading throughout the websites. Although I am currently intending to go into under water photography after my general photography degree, I feel that with my initial set up of my own professional website It needs to have the same qualities as the highly professional photographers such as Rankin and Perou as I feel that there type of websites really captivate potential clients and fans. However I would like to take some inspiration from underwater photographer Stephen Frink because I feel that the way with which he displayed his imagery within his online portfolio showed of the frames well and held my attention for a good hour or so. It may also be that I found my self incredibly drawn In and spell bound by his impressive displays of photography.


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