Identifying creativity and monetization within the online retail market – Basic Comparison Between A Shopping Website And A Music website

Beginning of a new term leads to the beginning of a new module a module that consists of a great deal of tech based  knowledge that has to be learned, digested and retained into my memory.

For the first task of  the Digital Media module we were all told to compare a shopping website to an artistic styled website such as a music band. I have chosen Aubin & Wills clothes store for my shopping website and Killers band  website for this task.

Aubin & Wills homepage  –

Killers homepage –

My initial response to both websites when comparing them Is that the Killers home page Is far more artistic and over all simplistic with It’s use of a tasteful continuous 360 degrees panoramic image that changes from day to night . However In my opinion It’s the use of different aspects within the image as links to other pages within the website that really grabbed my attention and made me even more intrigued by It’s design.

Aubin & Wills differences are displayed In the form of marketing to draw customers  In and to get there clothes selling for a profit to keep the company running as It Is not so much an art form In the way that the killers music Is, It Is a fairly large business. Further more to this Aubin & Wills home page has six links running across the top of the page with eighteen or so other links to different styles and types of clothes within the main link, which again In my opinion increases user ability etc when navigating around the website these main links are present at the top of the page all of the time.

I think the fact that both websites have tapped into the blogging world and social aspect of the internet Is incredibly interesting, especially In the sense of marketing be It a clothes brand or a music bands personal brand, the use of blogs, twitter, Facebook, flicker, and many more online based sites to get people talking, and there product selling In my opinion Is the only way that many business are still alive.

Over all I have found this initial task a great insight into the broader world of the internet and social websites. I am really looking forward to getting myself started with the construction aspect of my website next monday !


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