Individual Final Image (Suzi) – Fashion Task 1

When shooting this image, fashion student Suzi wanted the frames to appear surrealistic and mystical. We did this shoot very early In the morning again, In the woods at Tile Hill. My main concerns with this shoot in-particular was how Suzi and her brother were going to edit the final image. I offered to do It with her, being that I was meant to be her photographer for this collaborative task, but she was adamant that she would edit the image with her brothers help to add some surrealistic, enchanting effects however In my opinion It has ended up becoming incredibly shoddy, and completely unrealistic due to the fake plant round the ankle, added wings to the subject and finally the over dramatised jungle like added dangling plants. I regretfully submitted both suzis edit and my own edit.

Bellow Is my own edit of the final image that I have submitted as-well. I am really pleased with the elegance of the subject within the frame and I feel that it shows off the scarfs interesting colourful attributes well. Finally I also feel that the neutral tones of the wooded venue contrasts well with the scarfs bright, bold colours and the subjects plain and simple black attire.


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