Fashion Task 2 – Evaluation

My initial ideas for this second fashion task was to produce a set of three images (due to the three individual fashion students scarfs) of the scarfs underwater, In the Coventry sports & leisure centre where there Is an Olympic size swimming pool, with a specifically built diving area which Is much deeper than the main part of the swimming pool. My main ideas for this shoot was to capture the scarfs at different depths, underwater, with a light being shone down onto the scarfs to enhance their colors and to add an interesting effect. However due to many different circumstances I was not able to get hold of the scarfs that the fashion students In my group have made, further more to this we had different deadlines which made finding time to do the shoot almost impossible.

After some great deliberation I then decide to borrow my mothers scarfs that she has collected over a long period of time throughout her life, they all have interesting designs in terms of patterns and colours on them. My inspiration firstly came form installation artists Christo & Jeanne – Claude, a married couple who created environmental works of art by wrapping areas of their choice in material, not only have they broken the traditional boundaries of art by producing installation works on a grand scale, they actively highlight many environmental issues with there works. I have really been intrigued with this idea wrapping items up with material, I also feel that being that It Is so close to christmas this project adds another interesting spin to the concept of wrapping up christmas presents and how they themselves as wrapped up items could be perceived as an installation.

I then received some bad news regarding my mothers health and decided to layer symbolic representation of my mother into the project with the use of her scarfs and these special hand made ceramic mugs that both my mother and my grandmother own. I then went on to photograph both items from different vantage points and with a continuously changing lay out of the mugs and the scarfs. In my opinion I feel that the frame capturing the scarfs stuffed into the mugs represents the fragile nature of families and how I view my mother wanting to hide form the health problems In her life, and the image of the mugs hanging by the scarfs on the wall represents how she manages to go through, year on year of new health problems and more importantly harsher health problems and yet still be as It were ‘hanging on to life’. I have chosen to submit a set of five images because I feel that they all work well together to symbolically represent my mother and leading on to the rest of the family. Finally the setting of images In a house Is meant to represent the house wife aspect that both my mother and grandmother hold.

Over all I am pleased with the final outcome of this project, and In my opinion I have found working by myself to produce the installation pieces and to then capture the images of the different installations, enjoyable and rewarding due to the aesthetic qualities of the final set of images.


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