Swot Analysis



  • Can use Final Cut Pro
  • Can use Photoshop
  • Can use Apple Mac or Windows Microsoft
  • Competitive nature, when completing tasks that others have been set as well.
  • Work well with a group of people due to playing hockey, and being part of a team.
  • Enthusiastic about the media I am working with.
  • Open minded when working with diverse new people, and the intimate projects they are undertaking.





  • Works to fast at times
  • Too neat, uses a strict file system
  • I have barley any under water photography experience.
  • Cannot dive properly yet as I have not completed my PADI diving course. I am doing this at at the end of January 2012 however.
  • I am an unknown photographer.
  • I have no work experience, or assistant work on my cv relating to photography.





  • Fast changing market, due to the use of greater technology and online blogging, selling of prints, etc
  • Greater access to social networking.
  • Constant availability of lecturers who have expertise in the photographic field with which I am studying.
  • Accessibility of a vast array of equipment to loan out from the media loan shop at university.
  • Group critique with fellow students, and per mentoring, through the university which intern leads to a greater amount of ideas.



  • Constantly new entrants to the market due to more people graduating with a photography degree and also going through apprentice scheme.
  • Competitive market
  • Being banned from using the media loan shop, due to returning any equipment late.
  • Computers crashing, and breaking down, which leads to a loss of data.
  • Fellow students taking ideas from projects I’ve strted.




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