Proposal For My Professional Experience Plans Over 2011/2012

Initial Research Into Placements and Photgraphic Professional Experience

For this module I have researched into many ideas that I would like to gain experience in such as :

  • Underwater photography
  • Magazine work
  • Assisting a photographer
  • Teaching
  • Travel photography

Project Title/Theme –  Identity

I am going to be assisting with a photography project that ten Hereward Collage students are producing to be exhibited In the Herbert Art Gallery In Coventry.  They all live with a form of autism called asperger’s, ten of the students have varying characteristics of autism with additional disabilities such as epilepsy and learning difficulties. The final outcomes that each student produces and some group work will go on exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery between the 21st of March 2012 too the 8th of April 2012.

Here Is the rough guideline that all of the students and myself have been given as a brief  to start individual research, brainstorming ideas and progression on to the first stage of the project, for me this applies both as a photography assistant and a fellow student who Is there too help them out with their projects In anyways that they want me too, and to photograph them as they progress throughout the project as some of my imagery will be exhibited along side there own reflective photography about their personal identity. –

Each student should produce or contribute towards a photographic image or piece of digital work that challenges society’s expectations and preconceptions of the disabilities that each student lives with. Some of you may like to tell you’re own story of making a positive contribution to society OR that challenge negative assumptions. It Is intended that the viewer  will be able to make connections wit the students either through narrative and or an emotional level.

Overall Aims & Experiences I Would Like To Gain From This Project 

One of my main reasons for taking on this project Is to learn more about individuals In Coventry who live with different disabilities mainly asperge’s. I think that I will gain a deeper understanding about the individuals I shall be working with over the time that I am given to interact with them, help them develop there photography skills and over all understanding about the media that they are working with for this particular project. I also feel that from working closely with these students I will learn alot more about how they view todays society and the ever changing creative world with which they are living In.  I am very pleased that this Is a local project that Is about young students In coventry and that It Is going on display in the Herbert Art Gallery In the centre of the city, as I feel that this project could really make the general public aware of how isolating and often degrading they can make these students feel. Over all I am looking forward to working alongside the students and the staff from Hereward Collage, along with my fellow university student Kye Tideam with this local photography project.


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