Skype Interview / Conversation with Photographer Marlen Boro

Interviewer to the left : Amber Nicholls

Interviewee to the right : Marlen Boro

Initial specific questions that I asked Marlen Boro :

1. Why male boudoir and not females as much ?

Boro : There’s too many female boudoir photographers already, however I have been looking into shooting more women in the near future.

2. Have you shot any images that are not sexually representative of the client?

Boro : I did begin my photographic career capturing standard portraiture, but there are many portrait photographers around the world. I prefer to specialise with sexual images, as this style of work interests me deeply and I feel that I get to know my clients in a deeply connecting way, bringing out the true sexual character .

3. What kick started you’re love with male boudoir photography?

Boro : It was a new and up coming style of photography. Being gay myself, I liked the exploration as It were and  the celebration of the male body followed by  the tease.

4. How do you pre-visualise you’re shoots If you do?

Boro : It all depend on the client, I talk to them specifically about their goals and what they would like to get out of the shoot, the type of imagery. Many of the men that I photograph are exhibitionists, who are practically obsessed with there personal freedom regarding sex. Many of theses men are gay too.

5. Have you ever wanted or thought about producing some self portraits?

Boro : I have thought about It, but I do not have any real interest In doing It. 

6.What are you’re thoughts regarding the sexualisation of the human body, male or female, in terms of how porn magazines photograph subjects, compared to how a traditional sculptor  would chisel strong human features into a block of marble?

Boro : In my opinion this question Is rooted to the power that hetro sexual men placed upon women back in the victorian times and even before then. They still have this great sense of power in todays society, but It Is not as readily seen and easy to pin point. However thinking about the use of porn within the photography media, females are by far the gender that are almost always used and photographed In a way that overly sexualises them as the subject within the frame, and this Is what sells within the porn industry, as there Is still this underlining power  that hetro sexual men impose on the female gender. 

Gay men however are gradually changing  this imposed power, leading on to authentic representations of sexuality. Regarding the idea of producing images of the well sculpted male , well I ultimately strive to capture the authentically intimate sexuality of every subject. Gay men are by far, the most interesting to photograph.

7. Do you shoot any other forms of photography?

Boro : Some weddings & abstract landscapes but theres no great buzz there for me.

8. Within all of you’re images what do you think represents the underlining sexuality within the frames?

Boro : The intimacy & authenticity that comes through the image, true connections with the folks I’m shooting. Nothing specifically.

9. In you’re opinion as an image maker and an individual what would you say best represents sexual confidence within the subjects you are photographing?

Boro : It’s all In the face of the subjects, the eyes & the mouth, however It does depend on the man. I like the challenge of finding, and drawing out the sexual confidence of people. Most of the men that I shoot (even though It may not look like It) are not terribly confident. I do not rely on classic masculine poses, as this goes back to the hetro sexual power, which to me Is just artificial imagery. 

10. Do you think that In todays society people are becoming to readily exposed to images of a sexual nature, thus people are becoming almost numbed by the presence of such intimate experiences (images) between two lovers, themselves, the photographer and his lens capturing these moments?

Boro : I don’t know ! Thats the great question of our time. The internet can have a good impact or jade people even more however It still aids a greater dialoge. In the victorian times women and gay men were very repressed, and In my opinion this has indefinitely jaded us in some ways. There Is always a need for intimate moments though !! 

Conclusion From the Interview – 

I throughly enjoyed chatting with Marlen Boro and learning more about him as an individual and a photographer. I feel that he has replied to my questions with some very worth while points especially regarding hetro sexual males ‘power concept’ and the victorian era, how sex and sexual images where approached, how women and gay men where repressed with there sexuality. At the very end of the interview we had an open conversation regarding photography, sexuality , sexual images, and much more. I have found the way that Marlen Boro talks about his works as being half art and half therapy an interesting positive spin off to his image making. He stated, “men feel re-invigurated and proud of themselves.” This quote sums up Boro and the important representation of sexual image making that he produces. Finally I find Boro’s thoughts on pornographic photography, oddly captivating being the nature of his works, but greatly relieving that he sees them not to be a truthful sexual image, but quite simply false and sad.

I have enjoyed speaking to Marlen Boro and I hope that he has enjoyed the interview too. Many thanks to him and to his masterful works of sexual representations. I feel sad for the people who simply cannot see past there prudish nose to view the beauty of an intimate  sometimes sexual image !


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