Fashion Task One – Evaluation

My fist thoughts about this task were how are the fashion student’s going to design there scarf’s, then make them in time for me to photograph them in the high quality way that I would like to. After receiving the final submission date for the whole of task one to be finished by, with my fashion students involvement we all met up and wrote up a time schedule, with a plan of work and research for me and the fashion students to complete weekly leading up to the final submission date. I feel that this helped us as a group greatly, one of the fashion students even said that from now on with all of her practical work she would be writing up her own time schedule and working plan to work to weekly which I have helped her to create for her other practical work this term.

Whilst researching fashion photography I looked at photographer Rankin, with particular reference to his special projects within his online portfolio; Tuulitastic, Macallan and one dress projects. These three projects really stood out and inspired me with my four shoots with the fashion students. I find the way that he captures the personality and character of his models, with his use of lighting and intriguing vantage points always complement the garments that the models are wearing. From researching Rankin and the projects I mention above, I then moved on to venue hunting, I was looking for four different venues to use within my shoots. I also did this for the benefit of the fashion students so that I could find out there opinion and what they were pre-visualizing for there group and individual images.

With the group Shoot I wanted to produce a set of four images that had an urban edge to them, with a high class fashion twist. To do this I used two bowen travel lights mixed in with the deep yellow lights of the car park next to the university Library, and the fashion students dressed the model all in black with a real wolf fur coat and their three tied scarfs. I feel that the meticulous  planning of this shoot let to the success of the final set of four images. Over all I am very happy with this shoot and the outcomes, and I believe that all three of the fashion students involved are too.

The three individual shoots were very much about matching the venue to the scarfs theme and producing a final image that represents the scarf (that is being photographed) in a plausible way. I also wanted the three images to be vastly different in the way they were captured and the venues with which they were captured in, so that the fashion student who made the scarf stood out as an individual. This is why I used a bus stop (at night), a dusk lit hazy open park, and an early morning eerie wood for my three individual shoots, however this did mean a five am start !

Over all I am very pleased with the four vastly different out comes of the shoots and I really enjoyed working with the fashion students that were allocated to me, I feel that It was the great amount of planning that aided in the shoots being fun and enjoyable. However I am slightly disappointed with the editing of Suzi Shrestha’s individual final image, as she did It her self with the help of her brother, and I feel that It has slightly ruined the eloquent and delicate style with which I worked hard to capture in the woods.Due to this I am also going to submit the image before it was edited to show how it could have looked as a final image have looked.


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