Scenes Of Crimes Officer – Workshop

Above Is a full print of my adidas hightop shoe, which was chosen to be used in the walky talkie drawing task, where one person relays information of the print to people in another room for them to try and draw from the shoe print being described to them. My shoe was chosen as It’s pattern Is incredibly in-depth.

Last Thursday I attended a presentation/talk from a scenes of crimes officer, who is basically a forensic photographer involved in CSI. After the presentation in the morning we then had a workshop In the afternoon which basically involved the group splitting into small groups of 3 or 4, and photographing our own foot prints, identifying what the foot print looks like using walkie talkies, photographing a set up crime scene and finally making our own finger prints and photographing them using the correct techniques, further more to this we also used the darkroom to light up the fingerprints using a UV light and florescent purpose made fingerprint powders, (which was my favourite task to photograph, as the colours made the images become far more artistic.

Over all I throughly enjoyed learning more about this career that involves interesting  and unusual techniques to photograph and document evidence within crime scenes. I am definitely looking into a career path within this type of work. Below Is a slideshow of a selection of images which I captured through out the day, some show how much fun we had whilst completing the tasks and others are the images which were captured as part of the set tasks.

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