Essay Proposal – For Theories Of Representation

Title Of Research Project –

The Representation Of Sexuality Within Helmut Newton & Marlen Boro’s Practice.


The Representation Of Sexuality From Helmut Newtons Female Imagery To The Stark Contrast Of Marlen Boro’s frames Of Male Boudoir.

Description Of Subject To Be Investigated –

With this essay I intend to research in-depth the strong contrast between Photographer Helmut Newton and Marlen Boro. I shall be doing this by looking into both photographers works and analyzing there own imagery, further more I will be researching and reading key pieces of text that link in well with this essay, mainly looking at texts relating to the over sexualization of the female body in strong contrast to how the male from is approached within the photographic medium. Finally a small part of my research will also be lightly linked to the feminism and masculism movements in the art world. These are the main debates and issues I shall be investigating further.

My Sources For This Essay –

  •  University Library
  • Essay Text :

Equal Opportunity Objectification? The Sexualization of Men and Women on the Cover of Rolling Stone by Erin Hatton • Mary Nell Trautner.

Essay Plan / Schedule Of Work – 

Time In Weeks Work to Be Completed 
Week 1 – commencing24/10/11 – 30/10/11
  • Finish off all research.
  • Re-read the chosen article, essay, internet websites, blog, and the chosen books on both Helmut Newton and Marlin Boro, from the Lancaster University Library.
Week 2 – commencing31/10/11 – 6/11/11
  • Write up a clear paragraph plan for the essay, making sure that clear points stand out within every paragraph.
  • Begin the start of the essay, the introduction and the informative paragraphs that lead on too the main arguments / discussion points.
Week 3 – commencing7/11/11 – 13/11/11
  • Begin the main body of the essay.
  •  Clear paragraph structure that supports the development of ideas within the essay so that the structure of the essay is linked to the developing argument.
Week 4 – commencing14/11/11 – 20/11/11
  •  Begin the conclusion to the essay, involving all of my research I have gathered and my opinions and how they may have changed.
  • Conclude any ongoing points of discussion and more importantly answer the heading title of the essay, by referring back to any research that supports my argument, making it stronger.
Week 5 – commencing21/11/11 – 24/11/11

(3 DAYS)

  • Finally produce Bibliography, using the Harvard Referencing System, including ALL research and gathered information that supports my argument within the essay.
  • Re-read essay and make any alterations necessary.

Bibliography – 

  • Essay Text :

Equal Opportunity Objectification? The Sexualization of Men and Women on the Cover of Rolling Stone by Erin Hatton • Mary Nell Trautner.

  • An Article from ;The Guardian And Observer Book Season : The King Of Kinky written by sean O’Hagan, The Observer Sunday 7 August 2005. From the online / web copy.
  • Two internet sites stated above in the sources part of this proposal.
  • So far one blog, which is the photographer Marlen Boro’s blog, with which I am going to reference back to regularly within my essay.

University Library (Lancaster Library) –

  • Book 1 : Sex and Landscapes, Publisher : Koln : Taschen, Floor 3, Identifier – ISBN3822835064 (cased).
  • Book 2 : Helmut Newton : Work, Publisher : Koln ; London : Taschen,  Floor 3, Identifier – ISBN3822857432 (cased).
  • Book 3 : Helmut Newton, Publisher : Thames & Hudson, Floor 3, Identifier – ISBN9780500410691 (flexicover).

Further more to this Bibliography I hasten to add that I intend to do another weeks worth of research as my essay plan / schedule of work table states. I am also waiting for the photographer Marlen Boro to reply  to my email regarding meeting him or simply having a conversation with him about his impressive works, and the impact of some of his pieces within todays society, and the strong impact of sexuality within some of his projects, over all relating this back to my main essay title and question which I am investigating.


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