Inspirational Photographer Diego Kuffer

Brazilian photographer Diego Kuffer has worked for ten years in the marketing business, and post graduated in psycoanalitics-semiotic. He has since given all of this up to become a photographer he studied the media at Escola Panamerica de Arte  (Sao Paulo/Brazil). Bellow is a long but interesting explanation in a way as to how Kuffer ended up delving into the photographic world :-

“When I was a kid, my father always said ‘enjoy the moment’. The idea stuck with me all these years, because it was a concept that i didn’t seem to be able to grasp. Photograpgy was a way that I found to capture a moment, in order to understand what it was and maybe find out how to enjoy it. After a while, I understood that photography only allowed me to capture intants -even a long exposure photo is only a blured instant. So, I decided to hack photography, getting the tecnic behind movie making and applying it to my photos. Photographing the same instant several times, slicing an dicing the results and mixing it all together chronologically. This way, I was able to capture a moment, not showing what exactly happened, but at least showing that a moment happened. Sao Paulo, the city i live in, is brutal. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter what you do. If you don’t bother standing up, the city won’t even bother to notice you. With ‘Deject’ I wanted to show that it doesn” matter if you don’t look like a bum”.

After reading the above quote from Kuffer, I found myself taking on his fathers inspirational short phrase, mainly because the use of the three words : ‘enjoy the moment’, can be taken into consideration when researching and looking back on my own photographic work, education, social life, and life in general !

Below I have put together a small slideshow of a few of Kuffers works which truly stood out to me, and a link to his website to see his full online portfolio.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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