Fair Ground – Ride Shoot

With this shoot my main inspiration came from looking at Diego Kuffers works and specifically his image of a roundabout at a fun fair, which he had manipulated to create a chrono cubism image which gives the over all frame a great sense of movement. Below is the image that Kuffer produced.

With this shoot I focused on capturing the movement of the fair ground rides and the light trails. I used film in colour because I wanted the images to end up being grainy, giving them quite an eerie feel. However at the same time I was using a slower shutter speed to capture as much movement and light possible, I did regularly change this about though as I wanted some images to be easily noticeable, but to sill have the same eerie, scary qualities, depicting the feelings that many people get walking around a fair ground and when there queuing up getting ready to be shown to there seats on the ride. Finally I would like to point out that my inspiration for this project has come from Deigo Kuffer (above), due to his fair ground image, however I wanted to produce a darker more ghostly set of images that show a simplistic view to creating frames of movement rather than dissecting the images into cubic blocks of movement. Below is the selection of images from the shoot which I think are the best, You do have to look at some of them closely to realise what exactly they are and as to what is actually in the foreground of the images.

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Filed under Summer Work 2011

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