Documenting A Meeting – Evaluation

At the start of this project I found my self struggling to decipher a clear cut idea for this project, mainly as i did not want to producing works which where blindingly obvious that they where just a simplistic set of images which are portraying a meeting between people such as a board meeting (apprentice). So I decided to look more in-depth at the direct correlation between the age of a person and the length of time they have lived the meeting between age and time. So basically my idea in brief was to produce a set of ten clear portraits of specifically interesting facial features, wrinkles, ageing lines, smokers lines, warts, moles……… etc really as the list is never ending.  Following on from this main idea, I decided to explore the branch off idea surrounding cyber dating and internet chat sites. This branch off came to become the main body of work for this project, after having a tutorial with one of my lecturers, who felt that this gave a higher impact of meaning to the over all title I was given as a starting point for my project, ‘documenting a meeting’.

After delving further into the chat roulette site I found myself becoming drawn into a space where often it’s not about the person you’re talking too and getting to know, more often than not it all revolves around the sexual pleasuring of the chat partner of that time. To add insult to injury either one of the two people involved in the conversation can decide that they do not like or find attractive the person they are talking too and click next to view another partners pleasuring antics. I soon found myself questioning the the porn industry, and the whole debate surrounding sexual, highly graphic in some cases skype like conversations which anyone can access on the internet (even youngsters), often the written conversational chat added another dimension of how far the sex industry has now taken pornography in both the cyber and the literal sense.

Over all I am very pleased with this project, If I had more time I would of liked to have delved deeper into the research behind some of these chat sites, and then on too the sex industry on a whole , placing the cyber pornography and virtual cyber sex, against the magazines, videos, and slightly more traditional pornographic ways. I feel that this is only the beginnings of a really deep project which in my opinion due to its shocking, indecent imagery grasps peoples attention and makes the general public think more about how and where such intimate actions  (even though is a natural occurrence in todays society) can be so readably viewed by youngsters, elders and anyone.

Below are a few images of some of my final pieces.


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