Initial Photo Shoot – IPS

With these two sets of five similar images I wanted to photograph individual portraits of the subjects at work, capturing a single still frame of the time in the select five subjects ageing life, for instance the young university student in her student accommodation room, with all of her books and folders making up the background composition. The matured student working for the universities media loan shop, and the average man working outside a local corner shop selling mobile phone deals. All of these subjects have the two elements, age and time throughout there day to day life, yet it’s never really obvious to other people.

Finally I decided to not only capture my subjects in a digital form but also an analog nature, in black and white so that I could experiment with the ageing effects which I could achieve with the  traditional way of producing prints in a dark room. I am not overly pleased with this initial shoot, mainly because the way that the images are lit is very poor, and I feel that I can produce a better over all composition after gaining a stronger knowledge about lighting subjects over this past term and looking more in-tepth at the over all compositional qualities of the frame I am about to take.

Below are the two sets of five images.



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