Project Proposal – For Documenting A meeting Project

I am going to initially look more in-depth at the correlation between time & age, and how one can never be with out the other, almost as if they continuously  meet through out life and in everyday happenings. I intend to achieve this in a narrative style by photographing individuals in there own space, mainly at work as it is readily available to me, as i am surrounded my local shops, high market stores and the general comings and going of a city.

Following on from this I also have a few branches off from the main idea, one being me photographically documenting the gradual decomposition of  different types of food products, as I feel that this depicts the length of time required for the ageing process leading to the decomposition of food.

The final branch off idea from the main project concept surrounding time & age, is cyber dating, meeting strangers on the internet,and the most commonly asked question of how old I am . Also I have found out in my initial research for this idea that the questions change dramatically depending around the time at which I went online to meet these cyber daters. I think that it is this branch off which will make up my final piece for this project, as it brings up so much diverse intense discussion due to the nature of which many of these people who use theses types of sites more often than not are only looking for a relationship based around sexual pleasure.



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2 responses to “Project Proposal – For Documenting A meeting Project

  1. saltybi11

    You should look at fast food fries!!! They never decompose…

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