Initial Brainstorming Ideas For Documenting A Meeting Project

After producing an initial brainstorm of ideas for this final project of my first year I came up with many ideas which I could use as the backbone for this documenting a meeting project. Bellow are a few bullet points of ideas for the project –

  • A religious meeting, mass, prayers, holy communion, sunday service, funeral, wedding…..etc.
  • A lovers reunion
  • A family reunion
  • An office meeting
  • Gathering of youths at a skate park or in town.
  • Hockey meeting
  • A festival
  • A meeting to exchange money for drugs (drug culture)
  • A gathering of people going out at night
  • a gathering of graffiti artists
  • The meeting between time & age
  • The meeting between laughter and happiness
  • Sports meeting
  • The meeting between happiness and sadness
  • An intimate meeting of two lovers bodies
  • The meeting between seasons
Out of all of theses ideas I think the most interesting to work on would be the meeting between time and age because I feel that there is so much weight to the two different parts involved. Creating the meeting of time and age, equalising in vastly different effects produced by a short or long amount of time on the age of an object or subject.

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