Final Letter To Self

Wow my first academic year at University is nearly over already ! Looking back on all of this year I really have made the most of living away from home, meeting new people and playing hockey, but what about my photography work, well I know that I could have worked harder, but at the same time I am pleased with what I have learned as i feel that I have gained a much stronger understanding of the photographic media, although I still struggle ever so slightly with using photoshop and the digital media. I have throughly enjoyed using the darkroom and learning about pinhole cameras and the many different effects and ways that they can be used to create some truly intriguing imagery. I still feel that I have a long way to go before my critiquing/reviewing of other photographers works, fellow students works, books, blogs and films mainly because I struggle with choosing the right words and talking about how certain aspects of the media involved appear to me, and hopefully with more work and talking about bodies of work this aspect shall improve with time.

I am proud to have got through this year with out dropping out of uni as there have been many points within the year where i felt incredibly lost as I have felt that Photography just wasn’t the course for me as I miss the hands on making aspects of my art and ceramics practice at home and school. I did look at trying to incorporate an aspect of theses two other mediums as part of my advantage course but it turned out to be far to complicated to try. I have throughly enjoyed the social aspect of my different friend groups that range from house mates, hockey, photography (dream team) and the Rugby lads who are always up for a laugh and are the funniest people to do a shoot with. Over all I am proud of what I have achieved and I hope that next year I shall push myself more to achieve better and understand even more than I do already. Keep going !!


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